Hosted by Jacksonville Vistage Chairman & Leadership Coach, Terrence “TJ” Kelly

If you are interested in increasing your top line and your bottom line, you may find these key takeaways very valuable.

Define “Selling” and “Deals”

Organizations are often far too casual about the way they define selling and the way they defined a deal. So, instead of assuming your everyone in your organization understands what you mean when you talk about selling and what you mean when you talk about a deal, have a conversation with your leadership team and document what what you mean by “selling” and what you mean by a “deal.”

Reduce the Cost of Chaos

The cost of chaos can actually be defined by the time and the money we spend competing with ourselves inside of our own organization. So when you’re making decisions, do it consciously and run those decisions across a three-step filter that helps you decide how this decision may...

  1. Add to your volume
  2. Increase your velocity
  3. Create greater value

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