As leaders, we are expected to direct, guide and influence others to achieve
specific outcomes. Everyone I have worked with agrees and claims that being
an effective communicator is critical for bringing alignment to organizations and team efforts. It’s just one of those traits that is consistently associated with exemplary leadership.


While this is true, it is also true that most of us get lazy about our
communications. We do it all the time and become numb to the nuances of our interactions with others. Since we do it all the time, and have a history of
success, we begin to assume we are really good at it. And, most of us are
probably good enough to get by. If, however, we want to grow and step into the leadership persona we aspire to model, then conscious and intentional
communications are essential.

Stop taking for granted that you’re a great communicator. Self observe and
scan just a few fundamental practices likely to support your success. Below is a 5 point scan to jump start your awareness around some of your communication habits. Maintain a simple log and check it at the end of just one day.

5 Point Communication Scan

  1. how consistent was I with pausing and being intentional before initiating or responding?
  2. how clear and conscious was I about why and how I was engaging with
  3. how present was I (notice whether you were giving and receiving full
  4. how conscious was I about my words, tone, facial expressions, physical
    demeanor, etc?
  5. what did I do to check to be certain I understood others, and, was
    understood by others?