Leadership Subject Matter Expert & Presenter: Philip Hesketh

Dates: February 7, 2018 (Jacksonville CEO Summit)
Leadership Coach: Terrence “TJ” Kelly


About our leadership topic:

In In this engaging and interactive session Philip shares the seven psychological REASONS why your customers and clients buy your products, services and ideas. He takes you through the persuasion process and explains not only the five keys to persuasion but also how memory works, how emotional negotiation works and gives thought provoking and can-use-tomorrow tips that guarantee you will save money and make money as a result of this session.

What you will learn:

The seven psychological reasons why people buy your product or service and what to do to improve the way you promote your company

  • How relationships are developed and how to turn those relationships into profitable partnerships
  • The five keys to persuasion
  • Ten specific things to say and do to save and make money both in your business and personal life

About our subject matter expert:

Philip Hesketh is a Psychology graduate from Newcastle University and a Sales graduate from Procter & Gamble. In 1986 he was the creator, New Business Director and Managing Partner of an advertising agency, Advertising Principles. After 16 consecutive years of growth with the agency billing £48m, employing 143 people and with clients such as Disney, Nestle, BBC, HSBC and Seven Seas he sold his interest in the business at the age of 50.

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Follow this link, visit Philip Hesketh's website and conduct your own research for this month's Subject Matter Expert.