Leadership Learning Calendar, August, 2019 - Vistage Jacksonville

Listening: The Solution to Communication Problems

About our topic

This program is designed to address one of the root causes of communication problems: the lack or absence of listening; or, more importantly: the experience on many people's part of not believing that they have been listened to. This program is designed to equip participants with some basic skills necessary to give other people the experience of being listened to. It is highly interactive and experiential and participants will practice paraphrasing four different levels of meaning; finding usefulness and value in others input; managing, and even preventing "rehearsal drop" (tuning out and preparing what you are going to say before the other person has finished); minimizing behaviors that tend to cause others not to feel listened to (such as: interrupting, attacking, questioning, etc.)

Value to Vistage Members

The flow of information is to an organization as blood flow is to the human body. If that information flow is restricted because the people believe that the CEO doesn't listen, then the organization is going to be less healthy than it could be. Also, since senior management tends to take clues for their behavior from the CEO, if he or she does not practice effective listening behaviors, they may not either. Participants in this session will experience practicing those behaviors that increase information flow in an organization; help surface creative, breakthrough ideas; and enhance the quality of relationships.

About the speaker

Mike Murray is president of Creative Interchange Consultants International. In his more than twenty-eight years in the training business he has worked in 50 states and eleven overseas countries. While his topics vary from team-building to change management to customer service to negotiation skills, they all have at their core the issue of interpersonal communication. A former Vistage Chair, Mike has delivered more than 250 programs on several different topics


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